Anti Form Sora

Kingdom Hearts II



Sora was a blast to wear, and fun to stay in character with. I'm certainly not a big Sora fan, which is probably why I take some secret delight in seeing him like this, but I do love to support Kingdom Hearts in whatever way I can.

Thanks ever so much to my Riku for leading me around and keeping me safe while I wear this, and thanks to everyone who talked with me or took my picture. ^.^ You guys were all great.

Detailed information can be found in my Sora Tutorial thread, here:

I've also noticed a lot of people saying they wished they could see it in person, so here is a link to a video. Not quite the same, but almost as good:

Some Frequently asked questions, until then:

1. Can you see while wearing that?
Yes. ^.^ Amazingly enough, there are two small slits at the corners of the eyes that I can see through. Not well, though.
2. What are the eyes made out of?
Electroluminescent sheeting. Very expensive stuff, but you can get your hands on it at a few places online.
3. How long did it take you to make the costume?
Working on and off for six months and constantly for two months. ^.^
4. What did you make the shoes out of?
Made them out of clown shoes, foam, and a pair of Converses.
5. Where did you get the zippers?


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Character Anti Form Sora


MooglePrincess I know this is old but good lord, I luv it!

ColorMeCosVKei This Is AMAZING!!

Gambit Hawk Awesome job man!

lamu Amazing!!

Hopie Congrats on the showcase! This is a fantastic costume!

Inufan078 I know you've been hearing this from everyone... but I just have to say myself absolutely AMAZING cosplay!!

sakuncosplayer i don't know how u did it? but u did great as anti sora O.O

sakuncosplayer i don't know how u did it? but u did freat as anti sora O.O

Trinityblade82 omg That is scary but freaken awsome!! How can you breathe in that? xD

fev Congratulations on your feature (i'm completely blind and missed this! ) Of course, well deserved and exemplary!!

Luckk Amazing. I seem to see Anti-Sora more and more in the game and I finally see a real good one here! Congrats and amazing job. I hope you keep cosplaying as him . :3

rayna holy cow! this is awesome!

NiGHTmaren Congrats on showcase, this costume was executed beautifully!

Fukada Just incredible! Amazing work. o_O

jynxx_072 woot!!! kh cosplays

*Ev* This is absolutely amazing!

Mandarr13 I love it. Congratulations on the showcase ^_^

Uchiha Sakura Very awesome! I like how you got the details down to the shoes right. :)

Sirene Congratulations on the showcase, Saeru, you totally deserve it~!

Raisa I love Kingdom Hearts, gotta say you did Sora justice. ^.^ Wonderful job, great detail...