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There isn't any particular way to make this dress. There's no pattern for it, really, other than the ancient Greek Doric chiton, which is what I based my dress on. The fabric is from the fancy fabric section of JoAnn Fabrics.

Underdress: 4 yards of a basic matte polyester in dark lavender
Overdress: 4 1-yard pieces of pale lavender chiffon, hemmed into sqares

For the underdress, I used a basic sleeveless dress pattern. The original pattern came to the knee, so I lengthened it to fall to just past my feet, and made the slits at the side seams higher, so they came to about my mid thigh. The underdress is really simple; there were no front seams, and the back was fixed with a zipper. (I can't remember the pattern number off of my head, sorry!)

For the overdress, I took two of the four pieces of chiffon and secured them with safety pins at my shoulders. This, the bottom layer, was draped lengthwise, so the bottom hem touched my feet. Then I took the second two pieces and draped them widthwise and pinned them at my shoulders. This causes the overdress to have a hem that cuts across at about your knees and interferes with the lines of the dress, but it's not too bad and you get a very nice "waterfall" effect on the sides.

Arwen's dress has very thin straps at the shoulders; this was kind of tricky to figure out, since I had so much fabric bunched up there. In the end, I pinned the back and front pieces together with a long saftey pin (the pin pierced all four pieces of fabric) and wrapped the whole thing with satin lavender ribbon, wrapping the shoulder straps of the underdress as well. Close up, it looks slightly different with the ribbon wrap, but overall it gets the thin-strap look.

Not bad for a broken sewing machine and six hours of frantic sewing on a friend's machine, huh? :)


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Series The Lord of the Rings
Character Arwen
Variant Two Towers Dream Gown


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