Pazuzu as Tala Valkov/Yuriy Ivanov

Tala Valkov/Yuriy Ivanov


Version 2

Cosplayer: Pazuzu
Photo for the icon was taken by Rock nam Lee :DD
The wig was styled by dearest Glay! It started off as a henna red Angela 750 from Cosworx.

Because Beyblade was such a big fandom for me back when it was big T______________T And Tala was like my second favorite character (behind Brooklyn).

Also he was my first 'serious' cosplay, and looking back on what I'd done then, I found SO many things I could have done better.

I remade the belt for AN09. I was pretty happy about that :P

Pretty miffed that winter was basically canceled in the GTA, and it snowed like twice, so I couldn't get awesome winter photos of this costume :(