Zack Fair

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII




Well, let me divide it in sections.

Buster Sword: 7 pieces of plywood arranged to look like a sword. Coated with aluminum tape, spray paint, Wonderflex, and acrylic paint. Handle is 2 thin steel bars.

Armor: Wonderflex and black/silver acrylic paint.

Pants: Hand sewn and modeled off a pair of jeans I have.

Boot Covers: Pleather with dyed zippers fitted to the boot.

Suspender set: Soft pleather and painted tacks (for studs.

Scar: One brown eyeliner pencil blended into skin.

Wig: Ordered online, but slightly restyled with pounds of hairspray.

Black tanktop: Ordered online, then modified.

Gloves: Pleather fitted to my hands.

After Otakon, the outfit is due for repair, but overall I'm proud of it.


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Series Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Character Zack Fair


kn4pp Hi, nice work there :D I am wondering if you have the plans for that costume or if you made it out of your head? I would like to make my own but i'm not that good at doing stuff from my head "/

kuraudo_strife lol i remember you hugging me when i was sephiroth at otakon

Angeal awsome!

BalthierFlare I got a picture of you at Otakon! :) You did such a great job as Zack! I love your armor. ^^

captzakksparrow i like it looks realy good, especially the sword good job