Bollywood style Sea Fairy




This costume is not completely finished despite the fact that it looks like it *chuckles* It was the first one I made all the sewing part (the jewelry part was made by my mother).

Here is one of my larp character Vylmaris, a sea fairy based on the Bollywood style; I love it and thought it was a good idea to make a fairy outfit with that idea in mind!

The shirt is an altered shirt, trimmed down and beaded with the addition of the trim at the base.

The skirt (aka the beast) is a circular skirt where I put fabric paint and two swirls in golden thread. Beads and sequin will be added for an extra sparkly effect!

The veil is a curtain, but will unfortunately be replace for a blue veil that will go on my head for the bollywood look.

Things to be done when I will have the time to tame the beast out of this costume:

-Blue veil
-Hair extension for a long braid
-Shorter necklace


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Character Bollywood style Sea Fairy


Exkiwiz Coucou ! je profite de ce joli costume pour te répondre : non hélas je n'avais pas d'arc, je n'ai pas eu le temps de m'en occuper à temps. J'en ferai un pour la prochaine occasion de sortir ce costume ! Ta mascotte de poney est vachement sympa ^^ A bientôt !