sunseenli as Urd


Oh My Goddess!

Violet Artbook Dress

Cosplayer: sunseenli
This one's easy to explain. The girls of Outer Power, Inner Beauty agreed to limit ourselves to three group costumes this year, which makes sense when you consider there are three days of Otakon. We knew we had to do a Sailor Moon group, because that's the underlying foundation of our group (to say nothing of our name!) and we agreed pretty quickly that we'd want to do Magic Knight Rayearth again, because Reinii and Avian missed out last year. But what to do for the third day?

We all made lists of our favorite anime series, and Oh My Goddess! turned up on all of our lists. But what really got us to decide on it in the end was the fact that one of our favorite photographers, David Ng, counts the series as one of, if not the, his all-time favorites. In fact, all of his cameras are named after the three goddesses. After that, it was easy to see who I'd have to be...I have the perfect, um, assets to be Urd.