Kingdom Hearts II



This cosplay was a lot of hardwork to make, especially the trenchcoat (trench pattern modified to have the same sewing lines etc. as the game). Otherwise though, it wasn't that bad I guess, perhaps only the tanning makeup I had to wear, because I'm obviously far paler than Xemnas in real life. I couldn't do like Aion and use a tanning lotion beforehand, since I had other cosplays to wear the same weekend as the convention I debuted it at ^^;

That's pretty much it, it's a freaking warm cosplay though, not recommended for late spring / summer conventions...like the one where I debuted it XD

The aerialsabers DO light up, it's just that it doesn't appear when it's too sunny etc (it lights up, yes, but it doesn't appear on pictures).

I'm planning on making his 'cow outfit', as I like to nickname it, someday, considering I bought the white pleather for it, but when, that, I'm not sure myself.


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Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Xemnas


MDA I can't wait to see this costume! I'm making sure I hug you at AN when we're all in Org :D *feels the strong desire to hug Xemnas*