The Mad Hatter

Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton)



It is still a current work in progress to fully 100% finish the cosplay, but it has come together really well. There are a few more details to add (Green Contacts, Orange Eyebrows), fix (Bowtie-easy*, Hat brim-easy, Hair stick up more, Shoes old style dress shoe), alter (thread sash to make the spool look like the old woodenish spools) and I believe that's it for now off hand.

*As for the bowtie- I did have the perfect one prior to Ohayocon '10, but it came up missing as I was packing everything and could not be found. So I had to improvise and found material with random assorted things with color which so happen to be freakign candy corn. >.> But it worked out well for now. I will have the original looking bowtie back in due time for upcoming cons.


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Series Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton)
Character The Mad Hatter
Variant Played by Johnny Depp


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