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Well, its finally done! Three months of planning complete with headaches and backaches. I am very happy with the outcome although we will have to do another shoot with Jake in it because of the ridiculous ammount of time it took to paint me.
Total time was almost 4 hours of full body makeup and prosthetic applying.

Neytiri's things:

Hair: My hair was braided by a friend of mine, took about an hour plus the beads. The braid is made of two black hair extensions braided together and tied to the back of my head with a rubber band.Iit was heavy)

Spiral hemp choker: made of braided hemp with green glass beads.

Blue braided sash + beaded strings: made of braided white leather string dyed blue-gray, strung with fishing line at the end with the multicolored glass beads.

feather necklace: brown and beige leather string accented with hemp spirals and rooster feathers tied to the ends of the loose hemp.

Bow: remodeled Fran bow, painted dark brown and accented with black hemp string. The handle is made out of pleather and suede.

Dino skin arm guard:Just some craft foam painted with acrylic paint, the inside has wire so it will maintain its shape when i put it on.

Loin cloth: which is made of cotton, I bought it white and dyed it turquoise. The string that is holding the beads was longer in order to be able to wrap it around my tail.The back of the loin cloth is a thong, yes a thong, thats how hardcore i am. XD

Na'vi ears: Made of Ben Nye liquid latex.
The molds were hand made so in other words i did custom make my ears.

Nose: Scar wax, molded by hand during the makeup process and painted with the makeup.

Dagger: Wood carved my hand and electrically sanded down. Ummm, not sure what kind of wood it is though, but the handle and blade are two different kinds. The handle is wrapped in pleather and suede.

Makeup process:
Well, it was hard but my friend and I managed pretty well. I bought professional clown makeup online about 8oz, a large white and a small dark blue. The stripes were liquid makeup instead of cream like the base and they had a little purple added to them. The base was applied and then a layer of powder was brushed over me in order to seal the makeup and remove the stickyness. The stripes were applied with stencils and each stripe is individual, about 8 stencils were used for my whole body making each section unique. The dots were rushed and didn't come out as I wanted them, but I guess that they are ok. They are a mix of metallic and glitter paints and were hand applied. The nose was molded my me also. Ummmmm.... what else, ah! The tail, its lycra stuffed with synthetic stuffing and was dipped in latex after being painted.

Its interesting how the color blue works.... It will actually change hue throughout the day, just like in the movie! In the direct sunlight I would appear aquaish-baby blue and in shadowy areas I appeared more dark blue or even purple!

Any questions feel free to ask!

I want to thank all the people that made this project possible:
Gere, my assistant
JB Photography for all the beautiful photos
My grandma for supporting me
Khira and Rei for all the touch ups and being there
Thank you all!



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