Fairy Tail



This was done to join a friend's Fairy Tail cosplay group. Its super cute, but yet I'm just not super happy with how it all turned out. :S

It was a lot of work hunting down a basic dress shape that worked, and then trying to dye synthetics to get the right color; Hand stitching all of the bloody ruffles to the thing; remaking the back of the dress cause the zipper broke.. it goes on and on.
The wig is FAR TOO SMALL to fit my big head. XD
The shoes I made never worked, cause after wearing them for about 2 minutes, my feet had such bad blisters that it hurt to walk. &gt;<
I also put together a little serving tray, it was super cute, but even though everything had been glued down, my friend still managed to drop it and shatter one of the glasses. :(

Anyway, enough complaining. Haha I love the anime and the character, but just not so much for this costume.


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