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Final Fantasy IX



I never initially intended to cosplay Garnet. I ADORE FFIX and I have wanted to cosplay from it for years, but I've always wanted to cosplay Zidane.

I noticed months before Ohayocon that there were a couple of people interested in cosplaying from FFIX, so I got excited and said that I would love to cosplay from FFIX as well, and I knew my friend Chai_Catwings (who also adores FFIX) would, too.

Now, the question was, who do I cosplay? Zidane had already been spoken for. I actually thought about cosplaying Eiko, but her outfit is difficult, and I am too tall for her. I was a bit hesitant about cosplaying Garnet because her outfit is a bodysuit, and bodysuits show, well, everything. But in the end, I'm very glad I chose Garnet. Even though a lot of things went wrong, I learned a lot, and I'm now able to say I cosplayed a character with the same name as me: [SPOILER]Sarah[/SPOILER].

I got my own wig for Ohayocon 2011 (I borrowed a friend's the year before due to wig issues) and re-made the blouse, gloves, shoes, and fixed/re-dyed the bodysuit. It was like having a brand new cosplay!

A few people have asked me how I made this cosplay, so I will try my best to explain! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!


Bodysuit: I decided to buy a bodysuit instead of trying to make one because I wasn't sure of the difficulty of a bodysuit pattern, and it would be cheaper. The first bodysuit I had I accidentally melted a huge hole in with a hot iron. 8| I ordered another bodysuit and it arrived a week and half before the con, haha.

I bought the base bodysuit and modified it. The base unitard I used is called "Natalie Basic Tank Unitard" which I purchased online. I drew then cut the opening on the front (with room for seam allowance), hemmed it, and then sewed piping around the opening leading up to the straps. I then added the grommets, sewed the part on the legs where the belts would go, and then dyed the unitard in a 50/50 combination of Rit Dye colors Golden Yellow and Sunshine Orange. I then added the belts and laced in the red cord.

Shoes: I bought a pair of ankle boots from the thrift store and modified them. I made the "tongue" of the boot and the loop on the back out of an upholstery pleather I found in the scrap bin at JoAnn's and glued them on. The first time I used a vinyl dye (nu-life color spray) in color #622 - Maroon to paint the shoes. It comes in a can like spray paint which made coloring the shoes very easy and quick. It actually worked quite well, but it did crack a bit. When I re-did the shoes, I used angelus leather paint. It took a bazillion coats, but it looked really nice. I also used the matte sealer. After the red paint, I used white fabric paint to paint on the stitching on her shoes.

Gloves: Very similar method to the shoes. I bought a pair of leather gloves on eBay and painted them. (Same paints as the shoes) For the buckles, I cut strips of the upholstery pleather and painted them to match and added vest buckles. The first time, I used velcro to make little rings that went around my hands, but they slipped a lot. The second time I glued the straps on the gloves and stitched them in place.

Jewel: This was the biggest pain in the butt. The crystal is a swarovski sun catcher. I made the top part out of sculpy. It's attached to the crystal with a paperclip and superglue then spray painted silver.

Hair clip: A rectangular piece of craft foam shaped with heat to make the middle part round. The stick that goes through it is a chopstick with another piece of craft foam glued on. Spray painted silver, then a hair clip added. So ghetto lmao

Uhh I think that's most everything?? Like I said, if you have more questions, feel free to PM me! I hope this helps someone!


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Character Garnet til Alexandros XVII


Narnian Lovely Garnet!

K-San09 Hey, there. You're Garnet was amazing, I'm glad we got to chill at Ohayo for awhile and that we got some pics together. As for Zidane, you should definitely do it. It'd blow my Zidane out of the water but it'd be well worth it. ;)

kerokeito I remember seeing your photo around ye olde intarwebz, and I've been meaning to find you so I could tell you how much I love your makeup job on this costume! It's really flattering but still looks totally natural; it's a great look for Garnet.

Starlit Rose Haha, that's interesting that you were originally contemplating Zidane! I went through the same dilemma. Well, your Garnet turned out lovely! There's no rule preventing you from cosplaying Zidane as well though. :D By the way, might you by chance be going to ACen? Because that would be cool. :3

Octane Blue Hey! Loved your cosplay, and you have an excellent look for it. Funny, the garnet I had actually wants to cosplay as Zidane as well. Think my pieces may be a tad too large for her.