Harvest Goddess

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility



Harvest Moon needs MORE cosplay love.

I knew I wanted to cosplay the Harvest Goddess the moment I saw her in Tree of Tranquility! This costume provided many firsts for me! It was quite a learning experience! It was my first time dying a wig, dying fabric, using craft foam and sclupty.

I purchased a long white wig from Ebay (forgot the exact seller) and dyed it using the Sharpie method. I then sewed foam cones (sanded down) onto the wig cap under the hair. I then sewed extentions around the cones, and combined the hair by braiding them together (to help it look full).

The top and skirt was made from White Dance Material. I dyed both of them using RIT dye, and my friend Lizzy helped me put the suble gradient into the Skirt.

The crown thingy and the necklaces were made by using Craft Foam. I used the glue and Rub N' Buff technique. The beads were from curtains which I also Rub N' Buffed.

I love this costume so much! I worked VERY hard on it, and I couldn't be more proud. I want to thank Pixiekitty, Amanda, Meredith and Lizzy for all the advice and help, and Daisy for choosing me for her Judge's Award!


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Series Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility
Character Harvest Goddess


Nova417 Just an amazing Harvest Goddess you are! ; ; Everything is so gorgeous from the wig/wig styling to the dress, and the everything! I concur, also, that there needs to be more Harvest Moon love. ; ; AMAZING job again!!

rohankishibe I'm awestruck. Great job!

LadyPink~89 LOVE this! such a great cosplay, and so accurate! good job! ^_^

LunaSquee where did you find those ears? Downturned elf ears are hard to find! must have!

Lucy_cr cool and very original!!! loved it!

Gothix-chan YOU WIN SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually love you for this.

dalbkino Beautiful! You look so great! :D

Hylian Jean This is just so lovely! The whole look comes together so well and you got great photos of it.

Squirrelman91 I saw this at Anime South!! Great costume! :D

Rina Valsione you have a lovely costume and a lovely face too :3 great job on you're costume :3

Shappi Just perfect job,i love how details and colours suits each others! Really good costume.

enayla YES! Someone finally did this one! One of my absolutely favorite games, and you did a fantastic job on it - really lovely :)

carladawn Awwww so cute! Your costumes are so quality. Great job and keep it up! I would love to see more from you!

Sheik Chan It's gorgeous! You did an awesome job! I was hoping to see some Harvest Moon Goddess cosplays!! Yay! (I'll be doing a Maya cosplay eventually ^~^)

Merodi Love it!

emiko kiyomi YAY!! definitely the most beautiful/awesome harvest goddess from tree of tranquility EVER!! and not just because you're the only one :] i so need your help with this site. <_< i can't figure it out...

FoNgThOnG Me like.

purple-kitsune Ohhh, my goodness! This is amazing! It made me cry joytears when I saw it in the list of newly uploaded cosplays. ;____; You did a wonderful job on this, it's perfect! I wish I could see more pictures, though~ c: Yes, I agree that Harvest Moon needs more cosplay love! My friends and I are doing a group cosplay at Naka-kon this February. I'm being Chase, and the others are being Gill and Julius. I'm also going to make a Toby costume for my younger sister when she comes next year.