SFShinigami as Urizane



Cosplayer: SFShinigami
This was my first attempt at anything. I utilized my sister in picking out the right colors for the base of the uniform(I'm colorblind) and then I had a bit of help with the actual sewing together, everything else I did on my own. I used puff paint for the HOLY emblem on each shoulder. The watermelon is paper mache(2nd attempt) and it surprisingly lasted through the entire con without falling apart. Bought some Sandals off ebay as well.

Whats Left:

Whig, tough to find the right kind of whig so I gotta find a regular one and have someone who nows how to braid have at it. Also, for the next con I go to I am going to try and find some inflatable ones and a net-bag thing, much easier to carry around.