Pyramid Head

Silent Hill



As soon as I discovered cosplay, I thought about PH, but I wasn't sure at all about how to manage it....

Then I asked for a Silent Hill group, and people were very motivated. When everybody has finished their costumes, I decided to begin, and the ideas came one after each other.

The first version for the Pags was ok, but I am happier with the second version with the backpiece for Japan Expo.

Boy, it was a huge success. I couldn'even walk 5 steps without being stopped. Even when I wanted to stop for lunch, with the head and apron removed, people keep taking photos of me... aaaargh !

Pure blast, and I have to wear it again at least 3 times...


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Series Silent Hill
Character Pyramid Head


Kate O'Riley Yeah cool! J'ai dans ma (longue...) liste de projets que je ferai un jour (... ou pas) une des nurses de silent hill ^^