Aerith Gainsborough

Final Fantasy VII



This costume was interesting to my first proper from scratch costume I was feeling the strain. ^^;; The pink dress was pretty easy, but the jacket gave me lots of trouble. I got so stressed out that I actually almost once threw the whole thing in the bin...but...I worked through it and got it done!

There's still a million things I need to improve on this as lots of it was last minute as I only finished the day before the con and so i'll be working and improving this costume as my skills develop (as Aeris is one of my fave characters.) So be ready for more versions to come popping up. Although I see a million faults with it it actually got alot of praise at the con - which surprised me! So yeah...not a bad start...not a bad start at all...^^;;

Version 2 - includes: New wig, new wrist guards and I altered the jacket some what. The new version was considerably more uncomfortable to wear, but I'm much more pleased with the result! ^_^


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Series Final Fantasy VII
Character Aerith Gainsborough


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