Headcrab Zombie

Half-Life 2



This is a Headcrab Zombie costume from Half-Life 2. I've listed it as only 80% complete because I never managed to make a nice squishy set of guts hanging out of it. However it always gets a great reaction as an unusual but recognizable choice (when people aren't saying, "What the hell is with that chicken on your head?"). Go Half-Life!

The costume was mildly sticky, and it's kind of hard (but not impossible) to see with a headcrab on your face. I did not once get glomped, but this is good because the fake blood would have ruined the day of anyone who touched me.

The costume uses the Headcrab IV pattern from www.3d2toy.com which I printed out, traced, cut, and sewed by hand (no machine! ;_;). For the headcrab, I used a synthetic fabric that I got from Wal-Mart (I forget the name, but it had the word suede in it), it's stuffed with nylon batting and cotton balls, and painted with some fabric paint that I thinned with water.

The blood is corn syrup, water, cocoa powder, and red food coloring, with a few drops of blue to darken it. Other than that I'm wearing a lab coat I got from my college bookstore, a shredded blue t-shirt, a pair of regular old blue jeans, and my trusty docs. I used a bit of ben nye white cake makeup on my cheekbones to make me look dead, and plenty of black eyeshadow for the same effect.

The blood (when wet) will PERMANENTLY dye any white or very light fabric. The coat has permanent red stains, the pants do not.

I'd again like to thank www.3d2toy.com for their awesome headcrab pattern. The costume would never have existed without it.


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