Bak Chan




This was my cosplay for Uppcon:09
Did Bak-chan from DGM because I like his design and character a lot :3 Don't really think I made him that much justice but I work with what I have ^^''

Anyway, this cosplay is self made. Besides the button done by elict, and the cross which is purchased.
And everything is finished besides the jacket, and I'll see if I can find some more accurate shoes. The jacket I'll probably fix up some more, add on some details that I didn't have time to do before the convention and maybe take it in a bit, it felt a bit big O.o
But it was my first time making a jacket, or anything with arms for that matter, so I guess I should be happy about it, but it's bugging me <___< It'll probably get done sooner or later though ^^d

And I had fun in it! :D I need to learn how to be more confident in front of the camera though ^^''
And I need to try other binding techniques :< Not being able to breath is no fun :C


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Series D.Gray-man
Character Bak Chan


Nora. The best Baku.)

Jujumevi da best baku ever *-*