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Lulu has always been my favorite character!!! She was my first 'serious cosplay' i guess you could say. I woke up one day and I decided I wanted to cosplay lulu that year at Acen! and I did just that! I mainly wanted to do her (not counting that shes my all time fav) was because i LOVE LOVE LOVE her hair XD there you have it folks. Lulu has awesome hair = me cosplaying her hahah. But needless to say i made EVERYTHING! =]

I did make some adjustments since that was going to be my 4th year to acen so I made lulu train shorter than it should be due to crowded hallways... and the fact that I have a artist ally booth.

A few things that I want to change about this is she ever comes out of retirement. The belts and trim... =/ I should have just painted the exact trim on, and I need more belts... Also many cosplayers believe that lulu's hair is a dark brown, well I think its black. so my hair is black =D I don't think any one is really wrong or right because everyones computers/tvs show up a different color on top of everyone sees color slightly differently.

I retired her because I used my real hair and it is no longer all black... and really long... I'm anti-lulu wigs...
but there are so many things I want to change....

Update 2009. Sooo I met an amazing lulu and she had an amazing wig and i'm not longer anti-lulu wigs as long as they are good! I made this costume when I was 16 and not taking cosplay very seriously as a competitive thing but more as a just for fun in my spare time. I now take Cosplay much more serious and i dont just let little details slide. I'm impressed with this costume for the time I made it, at the age of 16 with out every taking a sewing or pattern making class in my life. I now look back at it and I like few things about it I wish I was as big as a detail freak than as I am now, I would have longer brads, re make the corset make the whole dress a lighter black, re do the belts and make the lace perfect. Since retired her and she doesn't seem to be coming out of retirement anytime soon Im not going to bother until I finish all of the cosplays I want to do!


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Narnian Wonderful Lulu!


Missyeru Thank you!!!

cloudwarrior very very awesome lulu :)