Sheena Fujibayashi

Tales of Symphonia



I love Sheena! I'm really happy that I cosplayed her! She is one of my favorite characters in Tales of Symphonia. The outfit as a whole wasn't very hard at all. The only problem I ran into was the spats for the shoes. They were a little to small for my calves.... I styled the wig myself... I used the same wig I used for my Nico Robin cosplay. I still need to make Corrine...


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Series Tales of Symphonia
Character Sheena Fujibayashi


GITS SAC Motoko Did you use a long black wig and put it up in a pony tail for your hair? It looks great! :)

AkoRedfield seams to be very nice ! keep it up =]

artisticpsyco Sheeeena~~! :D ToS needs nore cosplay love out there. I can't wait to see it finished ^_^