Ariel (Kiss the Girl)

Kingdom Hearts



this was my first swimtail design. I made the pattern from scratch. I've refined it a bit since then though. changes that I've made for swimtails I've made for others--added a zipper and theres a bit more room inthe hips. it also sits higher on the waist. I had some slippage issues with it at first.
this was finished, however, I'm working on a new Ariel shell top and a wig that will stay on underwater. and advice would be appriciated!!

the dress is finished!!!
similar to Briar Rose. reused the corset because I'm lazy. I'm working on making a navy corset from scratch....its not really working. I made the chemise, again, lazy...I'm going to die it a very light blue. styled the wig--used Got 2B glued. love the stuff, it works wonderfully. if you have questions, just ask! also, if you took pics of me, I'd love to see them


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Series Kingdom Hearts
Character Ariel (Kiss the Girl)


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