Philia Felice / Philis

Tales of Destiny



Made/Worn/Retired - AUGUST 2010

I've always been a hardcore Tales fan. Destiny was the first game I was truly obsessed with, and the first one I beat too. I've always loved Philia; she such a great character and I loved her outfit.
I've wanted to cosplay her for years now, but I was too afraid to take that much effort on the costume only to not get recognized. Well that changed when I saw a Leon at a small convention!
Karma must have finally hit as well, since there was both a Stahn and a Judas at the con she was debuted at as well!

This was my hardest costume yet, but I'm really wanted to make it. Philia is one of my favorite characters of all time, and is easily my favorite Tales characters, so it was well worth all the hours, frustration, sweat, stress, and blood.

For the wig, I had bought 2 wigs and actually cut one apart for wefts. In order o style the wig, I had to add wefts to make the wig a little bit thicker. I braided the wig, then tugged at it a bit to make it loose. I cut the ends of the braids so that I could stuff it in the ball-thing. Then I stuffed the other end with the part I cut off. In order to keep the hair inside the ball, I stuck my extra wefts inside the ball so that the wig couldn't fall out.

For the hair-ball-things, I had found a planet diorama set, and drilled holes into Neptune and Pluto in order to stuff the wig into them. I painted them with a mixture of outdoors paint and regular acrylics.

For the cloak I experimented with patterns and ended up with a simple design. I cut two pie-piece shaped pieces of fabric together and painstakingly created the collar.

For the broach, I made the gem out of clay and painted it with a mix of outdoor paint and regular acrylics. The actual broach is craft foam painted and bent into shape. The armlets were made with the same process/materials as the broach.

For the overdress and underskirt I had actually made my own patterns (horribly). For the underskirt's designs, I had dyed the bottom blue and painted the green on with fabric dye markers. I did the same for the design on the bodice.

For the overdress's fancy-bits at the bottom, I had sewn red material over the corners. In order to do the gold design I had to interface the gold material then cut it into the proper shape. In order to stick it onto the dress, I had to glue it on (I admit it! Oh god..) For the tassels, I simply strung some pearls and used embroidery thread.

For the sash, instead of having it be a hassle having to tie it all the time, I decided it would be easier to make a band and sew the bow and all the fixings onto it. The bow, band, and bottom pieces are all seperated and sewn straight onto the band. It was fairy simple and was very comfortable.

The shoes and glasses were bought. Though I did sewn pearls onto the shoes.


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