Red Shirt Lieutenant

Star Trek



A Star Trek convention was in town, so my husband and I had to dress up! He already had a captain's jacket (from Star Trek: The Next Generation) so after finishing a TNG costume for him, I decided to make a dress/skant from the original series (as Nimoy and Shatner were to appear at the seemed appropriate!). I bought a pattern off of ebay, along with the braid and insignia. I had to lengthen the pattern by 4 inches (and should have done the same with the sleeves! but they had shorter sleeves back then, right?...)

Both costumes (in my mind!) turned out great, and everybody seemed to love them. We took a lot of photos with very friendly fellow trekkies/trekkers/fans. Sadly...our camera died after the con, and our images were corrupted, so you will have to excuse the weird cropping and fuzzy focus - they were the only pictures we could save :( I apologize for the poor quality. I'll have to brave doing the hair again one day and take some photos when we get a new camera!


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Character Red Shirt Lieutenant


.Godot. Your costume is absolutely lovely, and the way you did your hair is awesome!

Mohmoh you make a phantastic TOS officer!