Charlotte La Bouff




Wooow I love this costume so much <3
I don't know where to start!

The wig is just temporary until I can get an actual wig x3 I just rolled a wig and pinned it on the top of another XP

The dress was made by Miko Simons of LuckInSpades
I am so happy with it! I asked for it not to be so ridiculous huge because I am a short petite girl x3 Also more manageable for Halloween at Disneyland!

The crown was bought at Claires and the gloves in Downtown LA :3

Froggy Naveen belongs to my beautiful Tiana, Radapple <3


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Series Disney
Character Charlotte La Bouff


KittyKax I saw these cosplays at AX! During our pokemon shoot I found poor Prince Naveen Frog on the ground, I picked it up hoping you were still around but alas TT-TT one of the girls helping with the shoot tho took it and said she'd give it back to you, did u get it back?

T3acup This is really lovely! How long is the hoop skirt?

LadyDelaidra You look adorable! And that dress is gorgeous! :3

PrincessTara Are you selling this costume, because I would gladly pay for it if you were.

little kitsune you make such a prettu Lottie

AuroraKaganshik o.o i actually was sitting next to you guys outside on thrusday lols XD

JessieSparrow Amazing dress!!

jukebox Aw, this is so pretty! It's definitely making me very excited for when I do my own next year.

Silveritis Oh you are an adorable Lottie! I hope you post more when you get a new wig sorted! I love it! You're perfect! <3

Rad_Apple ah!! you are so gorgeous Lottie!! Can't wait for MNSSHP this year!! ^^

Sayu3 Yes, Please post more pictures! <3

shotzgoboom PLEASE POST MORE! This is so glorious already