Angel Starr

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney



I seriously love the Ace Attorney games and that includes pretty much every side character the series has to offer. When I heard a friend of mine was arranging a cosplay group to Tracon, I was so in.
I wanted to make someone from the less cosplayed category and we had most of the main cast anyway, and since I really like the Cough-Up Queen’s design, I decided to cosplay her.

In the end I was the only one of our group who could attend to the con in AA-costume, it was way too hot to wear that fur coat and my basket was too big and didn’t fit in the car so I had only one bento box with me. Nobody really knew who I was - but that doesn’t matter, I was surprised how much fun I had in this costume. It was my first time cosplaying as a really womanly lady, so I was a bit nervous how I would pull her off. I’ve never worn so much make-up in a costume (or life in general) before... 'D

The wig is slightly too dark - it was lighter in the store photos. :c I think the hat is my favourite part, it’s made out of mohair and felted wool, and making it was really fun.


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Character Angel Starr


Cornelius-sama excellent cosplay :D