this is my first costume and i think it turned out pretty good. my grandmother helped a bit with the sewing aspect, but i helped her a lot too! it was so much fun walking around in it and a lot of people asked for my picture. of course, my strap for my hiraikotsu kept falling. but luckly it never fell when there was a lot of people around. i had a wig for it, but i never got around to wearing it. and it was a cheap halloween wig (i know, thats a sin). neways, i really liked my props, i was able to get a kirara plushie while i was there. i even got my hiraikotsu signed my tiffany grant! WHEEEE!!!!!!!!! so thats what the blue mark on it is.


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sangootaku I know I'm responding to a 2 year old question, but if it helps I'll still answer. I don't have the pattern number for it, but it was just a pattern for a bath robe with a little improvisation to get the two colors sewn together.

Simplexity i need help making this:( do u have a costume pattern?