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Many, many thanks to the following people for giving me advice / helping me with my Misa-Misa cosplay (I really appreciate all your guys' help! <3): my friends Teresa, Kathy, Serenity, and Kacy; my parents and sister; my cousin; Gretchen from Doctored Locks; and the beautiful and talented cosplayers kh2_obsession, Anoriel, Fullmetal, and Yuurisans. You all should really check out their awesome cosplays. :]

I wore this outfit to the spring SoCal Cosplay Gathering and Anime Expo 2010 (Days 1 and 2). Many parts of the costume were sort of... half-arsed, but it still turned out alright overall, at least I think so. XP I'm probably going to wear it to Day 1 (Thursday, July 22) of Comic Con, too.

Wig. I bought it off charissa_kids on eBay. It was actually supposed to be a Soubi from Loveless wig, but I thought the color fit Misa well. Unfortunately, the wig lacked A LOT of hair. You can even see some bald patches in the back without any hair pulled up into pigtails. I never got around to wefting it, though, even though some members on this site offered me great advice on how to do so. Gretchen from DoctoredLocks.com very kindly accepted a lock of the wig and identified the extension colors that best matched the wig. I bought hair extensions in the two colors she recommended, but I had a horrid time trying to evenly mesh the different-colored extensions; and it created a huge mess of hairballs. x_x I eventually gave up trying to weft the wig, even though the netting still hideously showed beneath the pigtails. Meh. Maybe I'll take up the task again in the future. Maybe. I cut and styled the wig myself. Kathy helped do the pigtails for me at the SoCal Gathering, but I did it myself with my sister's help for AX. Couldn't get the pigtails to stand up, though, even with lots of hairspray. -_-

Eyebrows. I used AnalexBeetleBum's method (http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=209461), which I prefer over the $2 glue method. My eyebrows are dark. They're obnoxiously black. I tried to make them match the wig better by painting them yellowish-brown, but they still made me look all manly; so I tried my best to hide them by having the wigs bangs cover them. DX

Death Note notebook. $3 or $4 notebook from Staples painted black and with silver Shinigami writing.

Goth/punk accessories (choker, skull necklace, right arm bands). Bought off eBay.

Cross necklace. I found the cross at an Asian mall. I bought black glass beads at Michaels and attached the cross to the glass beads on dental floss. XD

Heart necklace. Heart charm found at WalMart. String originally belonged to the cross, but I detached the cross and attached the heart charm.

Chains and metal rings. Bought at Michaels. The chains are mostly attached to everything by a bunch of safety pins and hidden beneath the clothing. :p

Fishnet tights. The only thing I got at Hot Topic for this costume. Yup. :o

Cut-up black tights over the fishnet tights. My friend gave me black tights, which I pretty much butchered and wore over the fishnet tights.

Detached sleeves. Quickly and messily sewn from black cloth and then cut up at the top of the sleeves.

Shinigami claws / blades. I'll finish this later...

Here is a reference pic:

More pics to come!
~Have a nice day, everyone! =D


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XXdecode160XX Amazing cosplay. :) how did you make the blades??

defia (; Aww. Cute! And I think it's great you've put effort into this and made those blades too (:

knockiepooh wow! I love the blades! I want to cosplay misa misa in this version next year, so thanks for the detail description. >_< V

kh2_obsession Heya. You're costume turned out really well :) Did you realize that you met me at Anime Expo? haha~

Patz Elric well...I think it would be more easier for you if you make the cosplay from death note movie...and buy some things in hot topic! n.n