Sakura Kasugano

Street Fighter

@Solai Tsukada


Piece by piece info about the costume.

Headband - The headband was used for a Ryu costume in '08, I gave it an ironing and sewed up the ends so they won't fray.

Shirt - I made the shirt from a pattern I used for my Sailor V shirt but I added a bit of extra fabric to the sides so it kinda goes down from the bust instead of tapering in and I shortened it by about 2 inches.

Collar - The collar was made from a pattern for a Sailor Moon collar. I also made the small scarf holder and sewed it tot he bottom tip of the collar.

Scarf - I had to make two scarves before I made this final one. The others weren't long enough as they didn't even reach the bottom of her shirt. It's shaped like a very flat 'V' with a point in the back.

Under shirt - I used red jersey fabric for this shirt and made it look like a faux turtle neck.

Skirt - The skirt was made with no pattern what so ever. The way I made my pleats was I started with fabric that was 44 inches wide. I cut two panels 16 inches long for the skirt I made, using the whole 44 inches width for the waist. So I had 88 inches to work with for making my pleats. These pleats are 2 1/4 inches wide and there is 7 in front and 7 in back. The pleats on the side seams are small though. I measured from the center of one panel 2 1/4 inch, then going off to one side, I started measuring 1 1/8 inch going to the inside pleat, then back to 2 1/4 inch for the inside pleat. I continued measuring around til I had both panels pleated. I pinned the pleats in place to see if I had the right waist size. Then I made the waistband and attached the skirt to it.

Bloomers- I used the bottom pattern for a ice skating leotard to make the bloomers. I extended the hips down on the original pattern so they covered more like shorts.

Gloves - The gloves were made from a cotton fabric in three stages. The palm strap, the hand pad and the wrist pad.

Shoes - Red high top converse were bought.


@Solai Tsukada
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Series Street Fighter
Character Sakura Kasugano
Variant Sakura Ganbaru manga


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