Lucia di Lammermoor




I was looking for easy to make and easy to wear costumes for Halloween.

Lucia Ashton:
I bought an old-fashioned, ready-made bridal gown and did my best in destroying and ageing it with the help of scissors, wire brushes, acrylic paint and the dirt of the park nearby.

Lucia's fiancé Lord Arturo Bucklaw:
Lucia's fiancé wears a grey suit and a black top hat which we've heavily aged.

Zombie Arabian:
The costume of my partner was a loan from a dear friend of mine who also did the effect make-up for us. Actually, it’s the garment of a Haradrim, a “Lord of the Rings” inspired character. But during this evening we defined it to be a dead Arabian.


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Character Lucia di Lammermoor


grinning_angel deine Kopfhaltung ist echt gespenstisch. Sehr geil!

princessadrelia Thats so creepy......I love both costumes