Commander Jupiter




FINALLY omg. This costume was such a nightmare. I ended up redoing most of the pieces for it at least two times (the bodysuit took 3 attempts). I kept saying I'd given up on it, that it wasn't going to work, that I would burn it if it wasn't made of PVC.

But it's DONE. Take that Nintendo!

I drafted the pattern for the bodysuit myself and used a skating outfit pattern to create the black top and shorts. Instead of drawing on lines like I did on my grunt outfit, I segmented the top instead and it looks SO much better.

Boot covers... uggh not happy with those but they're going to have to do because I'm so sick of the costumes I don't want to work on it any more.

The wig was an adventure and a half but I like the way it turned out :) Dyed it myself and used one clover wig + pack of extensions. If I could go back in time I'd use 2 packs but that's life.

Now officially retired due to the wig dying on me and the general uncomfortableness of the costume. Twas fun while it lasted :')


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Series Pokémon
Character Commander Jupiter


zach4445 i watched ur skit for jupiter on youtube. very very funny roflmfao

AznAnime So amazing!

Char350 Awesome! You even made the other commanders' costumes! I really want to challenge you guys as Lucas now! XD

Ryuga_knight Very nice, you seem to make it come alive!

Tweed REALLY awesome! Great job.

HMTQ - Madge Oh my god, this is amazing! You're definitely the best Jupiter cosplayer ever. ^_^