Nara Shikamaru




Well.. there isn't much to it. Most of my equipment was bought, the belt the pouches, the shoes (which I regret now because of the pain they caused my poor feet even with foot support! Definitely making new ones for next year @[email protected])

The vest was the only thing I made, completely from scratch save for the patch, I sewed every part of it.. and after a lot of callouses from hot glue burns and stabbing myself with pins.. It was finally finished! It took me a couple of weeks to put it together because of work schedules, trouble with fabric ( I seriously broke the machine needles.. all but one! 5 in that package!), and general cooking mayhem.. I was able to get onto the big rush to do Ino and Chouji's outfit!

I'm never going to wait till 2 months prior again with how my schedule's going! D:


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Series Naruto
Character Nara Shikamaru
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