Heavenly Sword



I love Kai, she is deliciously insane, and as the second strong female playable character in Heavenly Sword, she means business.

I made the pattern for the dress myself after playing around with scrap fabric and old t-shirts. I spray dyed the ends to make it look dirty and battle-worn. It's made out of two layers of linen look fabric.

The hat was made with a baseball cap as a base and an upholstery suede on the outside. I cast all the buttons myself, painted the tribal design underneath, and connected them all with leather cord. I attached two loose extension pony tails to the inside - the only part that isn't my own hair is the two pieces witht he white ribbon.

The crossbow is my pride, like all of my props I love it to death and took way too much time and money to make. It is made mostly out of wood (all the wood-looking parts) and the 'metal" parts are styrofoam covered with casting plastic.

but my favorite part of the costume was being able to be in a group with my friend Andreaoftheland. She was my very lovely big sister Nariko.


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Character Kai


Narnian Lovely! You both did amazingly well! *_*

~H~ Totally amazing! You're a perfect Kai *_*. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ako_pah Congrats....(*,*) Very well done working in Kai costume.....(^,^)