Beauty and the Beast



My Dream Cosplay! All done!
I love it!!! All I need is to style the wig since what I have is a last minute thing xD


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Series Beauty and the Beast
Character Belle


Mohmoh beautiful dress and girl!

T3acup YOU DID THIS?!!?!? my goodness! it's flawless!!! The ruffles on the dress must have been hard to get that effect!

creativecrater I absolutely love that you can cosplay SOOOOOOOOO many disney princesses! You fit the role of princess incredibly well for some reason. <3 Keep up the great work, as I know you will. Lots of people really admire your cosplay work. ^^

RiniKun Amazing :3

youmee400 Way to go! This is almost every girl's dream cosplay whether they care to admit it or not. Beautiful job!

KatieAriel this is a gorgeous Belle gown. I work in the MK at the FL disney park, and I like your variation of the gown a bit better than WDWs XD haha nice work

jounink Simply Perfect! X]

ToroSonyCat Wow, your Belle cosplay is amazing! you make a great Belle!

caitlynrose This is a gorgeous, gorgeous costume. You look beautiful as Belle. :)

kandell O.O Belle is my FAVORITE princess. And you look...JUST LIKE HER!! I am SO glad you've done this cosplay. Some day, I need to get a picture with you so I can print it, frame it, and cherish it forever. When I was little, I watched Beauty and the Beast every day ((obsessed? nah :P)) This totally takes me back.

Codename Otacon You look amazing!! I went to Disneyland on Halloween this year but I didn't know adults could dress up so I didn't cosplay:( But next year I will!! Love your dress, you did an awesome job!!