Sheryl Nome

Macross Frontier



I'm glad someone finally introduced me to Macross Frontier (thank you Mirromaru!) I loved Macross Plus for its dramatic quality, but Frontier is just pure fun to watch - and of course I love Sheryl ^_^

This is supposed to be a stage costume, and Sheryl is a spoiled pop star, so I made it a point to use delicate, expensive fabrics for her outfit; mostly pure silk.

I dyed a blonde wig, added extensions for extra thickness, and cut and styled it myself because I wasn't happy with those pre-styled Sheryl wigs they sell on ebay <_< I like how it came out, although I'll probably need to take some photos in daylight so you can judge the color better.

I felt a bit self-conscious when I made this outfit because of the bare midriff, incredibly short hot pants and all, but it felt really good when I wore it at the con and I'm mostly happy with how it looks in photos. Skimpy, but in a good way ^_~

Cost: EUR 170 / ~US$ 250


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Series Macross Frontier
Character Sheryl Nome
Variant Ep. 22 (Northern Cross)


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