@Lilith Oya
A fun costume that was easy to make. I had to extend the sleeves on the shirt and shorten the dress pattern. The yellow belt was the only thing I could find and it had a ton of silver pyramids that I had to remove. The symbols were just stiff yellow fabric that I decorated with paint and fabric markers. It was my first attempt to make boot covers too and they didn't come out half bad. However, I forgot the yellow ribbon had no stretch so getting in and out of the shirt was difficult and I had to rip the ribbon off the back of the boot covers. I later replaced it all with spandex although it didn't work out too well because my sewing machine broke halfway through the process. ;_____; I would still like to redo that trim so that it looks all neat and clean. Also, after several wears the boot covers are no more and I'd like to replace them with the "hero boots" I've seen in Halloween stores.
@Lilith Oya
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