Francis Bonnefoy / France

Hetalia: Axis Powers



Entire costume was made by me (I also sewed my friend's outfits as well) :) I worked so hard on it! Ah, I hope you like it! [Amazing props made by my friends: Andrew & Tony] <3


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character Francis Bonnefoy / France
Variant Austrian Succession


Raine-of-Chaos You look like you make the perfect France! :) great costume! <3

YummyUbe HON HON HON~ Love it!

Ashallysa I LOVE THIS! You both inspired me to spend two weeks searching for even a France half this good to commission (I have a handicap that has pretty much destroyed my hands for sewing) and have pouted like a maniac at not being able to find one. Yours is one of a kind AMAZING. I'm so extremely jealous!

HelloXav Oh wow. You've made an AWESOME France! *O* There's so many details and all. Just perfect. I love it. Marry me. ;_;

Axelai This is absolutely gorgeous. I'm jealous.

Marshmela Your costume is so gorgeous *o* And you're sooooo adorable!!!!!!! How does somone so cute pull such a -molests and runs off- Character????? O__O /dies asdkhsdkfhksdf that is all ;o;

Codename Otacon This is such a beautiful costume!! This HAS to be feature in Showcase!! You worked so hard on it.

hyuugafied Ah! So good! You did France justice with this one. Always loved your costumes ~

MagiFox OMG. I spotted you and the other Hetalia cosplayers all weekend at Otakuthon! I wish I could have taken some pics of you guys, but the photos you have are INCREDIBLE. <3

SanadaInferno This is amazing! I could NEVER make something like that. XD You have a great cosplay-making talent!

meevist this cosplay is so beautiful! all the details are perfect, and i absolutely LOVE the hat ^_^ all your hard work definitely paid off!!!

Hateshinai OMG! I saw your costume in one of Ackson's otakuthon videos !( ) Absolutely love this costume !

prince_izumi OMG GORGEOUS

Kat326 So many details~ This costume is gorgeous!!!

Angathol Love it! You look fabulous, and I love all the different fabrics you used. Can't wait to see more photos. :)