Luna Lovegood

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince



I really didn't make much on this costume. &gt;<;
I adjusted the jacket to be more of a peacoat than a blazer. The skirt and tights are my own. The boots are from Goodwill (I love them~~<3).
I made her spectrespecs, the Quibbler (but got the image from the internet), the butterbeer cork necklace, radish earrings and nargle charm. I also styled the wig. The spectrespecs are super fun to wear, it does sort of make a 3D effect, I do wish to update them with better lenses, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Yah, I can't really see out of them, but they're fun to wear. xD

I have a lot of fun in this costume and recently wore it to the premiere of Deathly Hallows Pt. 1! I love fellow HP nerds who instantly recognized me :) I will soon be doing a tour at my school, a Harry Potter theme, where I represent the Ravenclaw house. It will be a lot of fun, but I need to brush up on my Luna voice! haha
Thank you to all who say I look so much like Miss Lynch! She is an excellent actress and I am honored to portray Luna effectively!

Oh! Harry is cosplayed by the wonderful !!! Visit her page! <33
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. ^^

I have re-done my radish earrings to be much more like Luna's in the movies as well as the butterbeer cork necklace. But I lost my original Spectrespecs which makes me sad XD

New photos from Anime Boston 2011 by TheBigTog! :D


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Series Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Character Luna Lovegood


grinning_angel wow it looks so real :D

~Iason Mink~ Lives on the moon...It has turned out well)

awagoner1 you are the most fabulous luna ive seen others have tried and failed. you are an EPIC WIN

blueobelix is that a win? noo this is EPIC WIN!

Graceasaur LOL! Awesome.

Lavareille That is GREAT! xD Love Luna Lovegood xD

princessdyris It looks so cool, but I didn't watch the Half~blood Prince one! What is the nargle charm? Vi look so awesome!!!

breza Wherever did you find that coat!

shantastik :D What a glorious Luna costume!! I must ask...where did you find the Quibbler image and how did you assemble your quibbler?

Yuu Awwwwwww this rocks <3 (yes I'm a huge fan of Luna even if I did Marietta ;P )

Axelstar OH MY GOD!! &#9829;_&#9829;

benihime WOW you look so much like her!!! i love it! luna is one of my favorite characters

Vexon Auroa absolutley SMASHING!!!