Death Eater

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

@The Joker


The tunic was a modified rubies costume ,But as you can see in the newer images, I made a new one. The mask is still the rubies and boots are just a pair of riding boots.
The wand is made by Alivans, they make really nice wooden wands, but I'm hoping to buy a Noble Collection death eater wand soon.


@The Joker
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Series Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Character Death Eater


The Joker I know, I was just messing around with some paint, luckily I was expecting myself to mess it up so I used washable paint. LOL So I'm going to redo it.

Lord of nothing nice tunic and belt indeed, but the painting looks a bit blurry

grinning_angel I really like the tunic and the belt :D