Adiane the Elegant

Gurren Lagann



UPDATED: 08/25/10
OMG ughhh my epic combo break, if you want UvU
I haven't cosplayed a girl up until now and Adiane is a great choice for a crossplay combo break 8D
I'm actually really nearvous since I had no idea how to make ANY of the clothing articals nor the props ;3;
My wig isn't even styled yet hahaha it's going to be at the con day BWAHAHAHA ;orz
I really don't like the parts I made for the tail (this far ;3; ) so I just hope I'll be a good enough Adiane.
She is one of my fav characters ever and I don't want to taint her name with my horrible cosplay /sob
anyway, wish me luck ;A; /doing all nighter


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Series Gurren Lagann
Character Adiane the Elegant


Serf San who styled your wig-bangs? it looks great! :D