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I chose to make a bodysuit rather than use body paint for practical reasons, not because I was lazy or a prude, as the internet likes to think.
#1: A bodysuit only has to be painted once, so I can bring it to conventions and not have to waste the whole day being painted.
#2: Finding and hiring a talented body painter would be expensive, and take FOREVER to paint to get it as accurate as the bodysuit.
#3: Paint smears.
#4: I have trouble giving artistic control to strangers, and painting it on myself would be impossible. Need me to keep going? :P

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@Jia Jem
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Series Mass Effect
Character Jack


Eldanildiel You look ridiculously awesome!!! Great job!

TortureBunni Oh wow, this is incredible. The amount of detail is mind-blowing, and you suit the character perfectly.

Griever 2112 how has this not gotten a showcase. You could have been a promoter for EA with this... phenomenal job, I think this is one of if not THE best jack i've ever seen... sorry for the gush, this is just that good.

Jia Jem Thank you so much, everyone. I read all the comments and really appreciate it! I didn't think this costume would be so popular, so thank you, really! Nice comments like these make it totally worth it. :)

Zadra You have a million and a half comments on this costume, and when I see pages like this, sometimes I don't even bother leaving comments because I worry mine will just get flooded over by everyone elses. But I have to say, I am taken AWAY by this. If there's one thing I've observed over the past few years - Mass effect cosplayers do NOT play around. They either do flawless work, or no work at all. I LOVE Jack, great great work.

~H~ I'm speechless and in awe @[email protected]

Relion I love this, so much. Jack is my favourite character in ME2 and it's like you jumped out my TV or something. I think it's awesome that the character designer e-mailed you! Best compliment ever.

The Unorthodox Absolutely amazing! The body suit is a great idea.

redemnesia You make me very happy. Incredible work- you have some amazing talent.

Champuro This is absolutely STUNNING. You did such a fucking awesome job, I can't even tell you! Seriously, MAD props - this is one of the most well done costumes I've ever seen and you totally deserve all of the recognition you get for it~!

Yui So like…Saeru and I were finally getting to play ME2 recently..and we kinda forgot to do Jack's loyalty mission…thus she sorta died at the end. ...And, for some reason, I felt the need to personally apologize to you about that. XD But! While I was totally floored by your super cool photos before, I can also now appreciate how spot on you are now that my life has been blessed with the stunning majesty that is Mass Effect.

VivaLaNinja I want to marry you ;-;

sandysuicide this is so amazing i want to take my eyes out.

Michelle Zen That is so close to the one in the game that... ...I'm totally freaked out right now...

lissiekun One more question....what type of fabric did you use specifically for the bodysuit? I have nude stretch fabric, but you can see through it.

niwaka This... is the epitome of badassery. Amazing!

MoonsChild so I have to find the right words to tell you that you're one ABSOLUTELY PERFECT Jack? ..I don't think so - me being speechless says enough, I think!

strifestreak Now this is some freaking dedication. Shaving your hair for a cosplay, girl, you should get a trophy and like a giant cookie. This is absolutely incredible.

Kilayi You look great! You're totally a dead-on Jack <3

Leroks Thanks for this fascinating work!