Princess Leia

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi



Lets get started!~ Everything that I complete by Halloween will be worn, and then will be slowly upgraded for Comic Con 2011. (FYI, The Boushh Builders forum is AMAZING for a research/reference guide!)

**Update: 10/29/10 I won best overall costume at work :)

**Update: 7/12/11--With the exception of my thermal detonator (which will be ready for next year), Boushh is officially FINISHED!! ...and is my first costume to officially scare the [email protected] outta my dog XD

Update: 10/3/11--I just need to do a few minor touch-ups on the helmet, add the triangle shaped stitch on the top of the bandolier strap, and add some industrial grade Velcro to the shoulder armor to keep the bandolier from "slip-sliding" around. I also ordered a custom set for the thermal detonator, including the accurate LED's and sound-chip--it'll light up and make sounds when I'm done constructing this thing ^____^

[x]Undershirt: 100%- I found the perfect chocolate-brown micro-suede and used 1/2" silver tree spikes for the gauntlets, which are reinforced with interfacing. (I also added hooks and eyes for closures at the cuffs--I'm just guessing as to the method, since references don't show much other than a gap at the wrists, but black hooks and eyes were used for the spats. I also love it because it allows for easy access to my hands if I need to take off my gloves ^__^)
*update: 5/12/11: I finished weathering via black fabric paint--watered down and sprayed on, as well as sponged on. I also added some patina to the spikes.

[x]Cowl: 100% I made a cowl so that my neck and hair are completely covered when I wear the helmet-- made with matching chocolate brown suede. :)

[x]Tunic: 100%- fully lined ultra-suede weathered with a wire brush, sepia acrylic paint, and coffee.

[x]Waist Band/Cummerbund: 100% --I hand-sewed matching chocolate-brown micro-suede over 16 pieces of cotton piping, and weathering was done with black and brown acrylic paint. It laces up the back by means of black grommets and black nylon cord. (I also plan on stitching a secret pocket on the underside, so I don't have to worry about carrying a purse)

[x]Pants: 100% complete- I created a mock-up with some muslin, which I used as a pattern for the final pair of pants--micro-suede with matching cotton lining. The "oil spill" stains are done with black fabric paint for flexibility, and a messy charcoal dust gradient. The sides lace up via grommets and cotton cord lacing.

[x]Cape: 100%-- I used grey herring-bone wool and followed a basic semi-circle cape pattern. The cape was weathered with splattered black acrylic paint--scrubbing areas with a brillo-pad and water while the paint was still wet in order to achieve "water stains." :) (I also sewed on some heavy-duty snaps in order to attach it to the bandolier)

[x]Gloves: ordered a pair of antique suede gloves from ebay which I cut from elbow to wrist-length and hemmed. Weathered via black tea and charcoal dust.

[x]Helmet: 99%-- The kit I ordered is amazing! My Dad did most of the assembling, whilst I painted and weathered everything. All I really have left to do is just make and attach the padding (I just shoved in some cut-up upholstery foam for the few minutes I'll be wearing it on Halloween and I'll be taking it out afterwards XD) I got a custom light board via^

[x]Wig: I'm only wearing the helmet for the costume contest- plus, I need to be able to talk during the masquerade skit without a pre-recording, and I don't have a voice changer yet. Sooo...I'll be Leia after she reveals herself to kiss Han ;)

[x]Shoulder armor: 100% complete-- The padding makes all the difference, it's actually comfy :)

[x]Back Canisters: 100% complete--the only modification I made was to actually pop rivet the leather strap to the shoulder armor, and make faux snap covers with paper-clay and acrylic paint sealed with enamel.

[x]Bandolier: 100%-- ordered a kit from to work with...had a bit of a delay in shipment due to a shortage of webbing, and he upgraded the shells to aluminum and I got a Boushh Builders patch ^___^ Just need to touch it up a bit for Comic Con, and it's all set to go!~ (I also plan on adding the left-side cannister--I'm using a plastic bottle of sprinkles as a base because it was the perfect shape, covered with a thin coating of paper-clay sanded, painted, weathered, and then sealed. It'll attach via screws.)
*update: I further weathered the webbing with charcoal, a scrub-brush and heavily watered down black fabric paint. I also added a few hand-painted weathering touches with my 00 filbert.

[x]Belt: 100% complete--I used a leather belt I found at a thrift store, cut it from 6" down to 1.5" in width, and made the pouch with suede from my pants and thick craft interfacing. The shells are made with heavily sanded, painted and weathered pieces of dowel, and the buckle is made with craft foam over a wonderflex base-- sealed with modge podge and painted chrome with a glossy finishing coat~

[x]Chest Box: ordered from

[x]Boots: Found some uber-comfy boots on sale at Bass ($127 down to $26 *yay*)

[x]Boot Covers ver. 1.0: 100% complete- These are more of a rush job that had to be finished in about a week. I HATE having to rush, and I most assuredly plan on re-making them. I found some plush sand-colored suede on the sale tables at Joann's for $2/yard that I am using for the soft quilted effect of the covers.

[x]Boot covers ver. 2.0: I re-made my boot covers so that they're much more accurate, since I'm no longer in such a rush to have them done. I ordered the boot discs from, which will attach to quilted boot straps.

[x]Blaster/Staff: 100% complete-- I finalized my illustration for my interpretation based upon several screenshots and the toy model, and my Dad got creative with some plumbing parts, PVC pipe, and the shell for a car computer--painted with aluminum silver, chrome, and matte black with a glossy top coat :)


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Series Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Character Princess Leia
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Gamedraco Cosplay This deserves to be showcased. You did an amazing job on it and I love seeing this version of Leia. I wish I was able to see it in person and look forward to seeing you have the Thermal Detonator to complete this awesome package.

Scribblebug Cool!

Bluehentrooper That's an incredible amount of work, but I'd say the results justify the labor. Great job.

Narnian So epic!!!! You did so incredibly well!

anime_wench DUUUUUUDE, I love this costume so hard!! I agree with Earthychan, from what you've posted so far I can't wait to see it. You should do a photoshoot!

Earthychan This costume is going to rock! I cant wait to see it!