Watanuki Kimihiro (四月一&#26085




- Thoughts -

I have watched XXXHolic way back, and really loved it. Yuuko is so wicked beautiful and often sarcastic to the very much adored Watanuki Kimihiro.

As much as I like both of them, I relate and empathize more for Watanuki for his spazz-titude and whack. Further more, making the decision to cosplay male characters is often more easy than deciding to look pretty/beautiful in a girl role.


- About the costume -

I got this costume done for winter TFT cosplay event in Japan. My criteria was a easy to transport costume, what I can be comfortable in and comforting for the cold.

It turned out really fitting, I like the black fabric used and the buttons are sprayed to my favourite matt gold. It's a really simple costume.

- About fox-chan -

I made pipe fox chan in 2hours using fur remains from my Fye D. Flourite costume, specifically bought larger 'beady' eyes for it, and white glue was used to style his nose tip and little pointy ears.

The typical teddy bear wire skeleton was used in fox-chan's insert so it is posable ^^

- More Thoughts -

I hope to do my favourite image of XXXHolic soon!


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Series xxxHolic
Character Watanuki Kimihiro (四月一&#26085
Variant School Uniform


thypham where did you buy your costume?

Rame naww pipe fox !

YoruAoimoto So cute~ *w*

iiChin-chan I love your fox-chan!!! It's soooo cute! -Sneaks to your house to steal it- xDD I want it sooo bad, you've encouraged me to make my own pipe fox buddy.

eriol-sasuke >__< god ... you inpired me *0* great cos T^T

FaeandMerfolk I must give you props for your Watanuki. I'm amazed. I was looking at the different cosplayers who have done him and I am completely impressed by yours.

daigo_watachan The best ever!!! you're my favorite one!