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My first homemade cosplay!
And yes it is thrifted (I couldn't sew then). It was almost a last minute costume too because it took forever to find the pieces, but I made it through.
And since I hate it when people don't say how they put their costume together, I will!

The top and skirt were found at a charity clothes booth that sells old clothes every week at my school. I was literally looking around forever at every place that sells clothes to find a good dress to use. Then the last month before school ended I happened to find the skirt there and literally went, “Oh my god this is IT!!!!” A month later, I found the top at the same place. Together they only cost me $8!

The corset and sleeves I bought at Hot Topic. They only had one size of the corset so my mom had to alter it to make it smaller.

Because I was running so short on time, I cheated and used patterned sleeves, which are actually cut leg pieces from a pair of leggings! And loops were sewn onto the sleeve and my top so we could weave the ribbon through and pin it to the costume.

The wand is homemade too. Luckily Bellatrix's wand is very bent and crooked so due to short time I got a stick from our yard, smoothed it, and painted it with wood stainer.

I was able to upgrade the hair a bit. Did the tight braid method as well as some pincurling and kept it in overnight. Used a WHOLE LOT of hairspray and bobby pins and teasing, and added her white streak. Still in process of perfecting it.

EDIT 11/1/09:
Finally have photos of upgraded hair, only without the white streak. Took FOREVER to do! Still needs perfecting.

EDIT 5/19/10:
Updated with new hair and swirled sleeves!


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Series Harry Potter Series
Character Bellatrix Lestrange
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anime_wench Awesome!!! You did a fantastic job!!!

Avatar Alvaang I KILLED SIRUS BLACK!! haha u did an awesome job!

Foxtale You make such a sweet Bella!