Haman Karn

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam




First things first, oh god that wig.
I was so scared to cut it or do anything to it because I had no time to find a new one before the con, so I styled it really poorly with bobby pins and it looks nothing like Haman's actual hair.

This costume was a collaboration of my good friend buying the thigh-highs, the wig, some of the twill tape (that I haven't put on yet) and the boot covers (which were poor quality and I ripped a hole in by accident, thus no boot covers. I am remaking them though.)
I bought the shoes, and fabric for the jacket.
I made the black mini-dress thing and the cape, oh god. It was sooo much fun.
My boyfriend made the jacket (LOVE<3), although my new friend Lauren (who is a SAVIOUR) fixed the empty sleeve areas (and did a top stitch on the cape, and fixed up a seam problem)

the CAPE:
I am SO in love with it.
I traced out the shape of it onto bristol board, then cut that out, and traced it onto the same twill the jacket is made of. I then MOTHEREFFING HAND DRAFTED THE AXIS ZEON LOGO HHNNNNGGG it too so long. But I'm so happy with how it turned out! It looks a bit weird once on the cape though, because I need to add some lines for definition on the bottom part. Then I cut that out, and traced it onto some stretch lycra-stuff. I then started fabric gluing the lycra onto the cape...because I tested it, and it didn't seep through.
But it did when I glued the actual piece to the cape. Lovely.
I ended up using double sided tape to attach the rest of the symbol. Obviously, this will have to be redone.

It was great to wear around, I felt really powerful and sexy in this costume! Next time I will hopefully have better hair/wig, and hopefully more than 2 people will recognize me:P


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Series Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Character Haman Karn


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