this costume was so complex to make, the way i decided to go at it, its a top of separate pieces put together

but it was a lot of fun to make

i was going to make heal shoe covers but since i never worse it to a con i decided to make slippers &gt;_<' sorry...

the wig looks terrible in person but turned out great in the pics

also when i took my first set of pics i forgot the weird strap that goes across the boobs Dx


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Created 9 years ago
Series DearS
Character Ren


DOLLIFIEDmay Awwhh, you never wore that to a con? That's horrible! I wish I could pull of being Ren, hah. The pictures are amazing~

YeyeC so cool!!! you are an awesome Ren!! XD

deshwitat awwwwwww man not only is seeing a DearS cosplay awsome enough, you look so darn cute and beautiful as Ren, you really are a great cosplayer XD

Oscar_D´Eon So a sweet Ren.