Sora Naegino

Kaleido Star



I LOVE Kaleido Star and I've always wanted to cosplay from it, so my friend and I decided to do Layla and Sora's Great Maneuver costumes.

It's one of the more fairly simple of the Kaleido Star costumes so I figured it would be a good place to start.

I finally finished this costume not too long ago! Sorry for no updates. I've been busy with college (:

The outfit was made from a white unitard with long sleeves and such, and I cut it and added fabric until I got her costume.

I usually wear a pair of nude ( although on top of my ridiculous pale skin, it's way darker ) colored body tights, which serves a few purposes. One, to hide my tattoos as much as I can. Two, to keep me warm since I'll be wearing this in January. And Three, to hold up the left legging because it does not say up on its own.

I need to find a lighter colored pair of body tights.

The slit on the left thigh was actually supposed to go up to the hip.. But, since I am not skinny as a stick, and I didn't want my ass hanging out, I decided to make it lower. It's more respectful for other people and more comfortable for me.

The easiest part of this costume was probably making the hair piece. It was the first thing I made.

The hardest part was sewing the bottom of the legs to the ballet shoes I bought. Sewing through leather-like shoe material..not fun. Dx

Favourite part of the costume: Probably the furry material around the collar and arm and also my wig. My wig is SO soft and it's such a vibrant color. I love it. It's a bit pink-tinted in bright lights, but it works rather well. (:


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Series Kaleido Star
Character Sora Naegino
Variant Legendary Great Maneuver Costume


MissAngie I LOVE your costume <3