Heavenly Sword



Basically this costume wasn't too difficult to make, but I wanted to make a point of making it as well as I could hence the use of leather and other hardy materials. Because of that, this outfit took me a surprisingly long time to complete. It still has a few issues that I need to work through since they didn't become apparent until I had to wear the whole thing for 8-hours straight (!!). That said, I'm really excited to wear it again!

Detail points:
- The costume is hand painted.
- The hip armor is made of hardened leather and brass that my friends helped fit to me.
- The amazing sword was made by S.T.E.N.D.E.X. The two blades are held together as one with hard drive magnets.
- The hardest part was by far the wig. If you want to check out how I made it, there is both a tutorial on ( and a more detailed version on my blog/website (


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Series Heavenly Sword
Character Nariko


Foxtale To answer the physique question (btw, thank you!): I tend to keep myself pretty fit through activities, etc. in general, but yet. At the time I was working out about 6 days a week, 1-3 hours a day to get in extra super special Nariko condition. Thanks for noticing!

LoveofCountry This is soo bitchin'. Did you work out to get Nariko's physique as well? You look uncanny

MiMa Gosh, I love your tough woman look! Really amazing. :)

Elika_88 So beutiful! You are a very good nariko^^

Umi-Kani I love this cosplay amazing *O*

CrimsonDenizen i must play this again now. i cant get the idea of awesomeness out of my head ^^

Silantre Awsome cosplay! I can't believe you spent 3 days on just the wig, that's crazy dedication ^^, but everyone has to admit your efforts were well worth it!

Snow-Storm beautiful, , great Job

Sheik Chan I love your Nariko... ^_______^

Hopie Congrats on your award! It was well desereved! =]