Fullmetal Alchemist



Everything is complete. The photo icon has the color slightly off on the dress fabric. However I liked the pic a lot, so thats why I'm using it.

For this costume the following accessories were made by me:
earrings, necklace, shoes, red head-wrap/scarf.

I purchased the gold necklaces and bangle bracelets.
I started working on this last summer, and had the dress, pantaloons, necklace and earrings done by halloween. Then I hit overload for a while, made the shoes by Thanksgiving (I think). The pink overdress/apron was made in March (I think), and the headwrap/scarf was finished in May... hehh. ^_^;;;
I forgot to bring it (red scarf...) to Acen though. whoops.

I'm currently working on a more detailed writeup. I'm pretty proud of my costume.


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Chesa wow, beautiful job.