Pretty Sammy as Seifer


Kingdom Hearts II

Cosplayer: Pretty Sammy
This was my first costume. I'd never sewn anything before, but with my sister (who is a veteran cosplayer) and my mother (a veteran seamstress) I was able to get the gumption up to make my first costume. I needed help from my mom a lot, especially when I didn't understand things, but I think I did pretty well for my first attempt! I'm VERY proud of myself, and now I'm really into sewing! I can't WAIT to do more costumes!

Hmm...I guess I'll go top to bottom. XD

The hat is a beanie hat purchased at Hot Topic. It originally came with a sun design in light blue and embroidery on the back that said "Godsmack". XD It became the "Godsmack hat". I tried to dye it, only to discover that the design was PAINTED so it wouldn't come out. I took a sharpie to the thing. and it came out looking pretty good. Puffy paint completed the look. One girl came up to me and took my picture, and then said, "Can I just get one of the hat?" XD

The jacket I had a lot of fun on, and my sis helped me get those pseudo pocket effects. See that black collar? I MADE that. It's quilting, and I stayed up till 3 AM doing it because I was just so determined to get it done. But I did it all by myself, and I'm really proud.

Next was the crop top. I sewed that all by myself, and I think that the shirt was when I really started to get a hold on simple sewing.

The pants were the first thing I did, and my Mom had to teach me from square one about how to sew, how to use a machine, how to cut patterns, etc., etc. The drawstring was a frickin' pain. >.<

The boots I bought at a Army Surplus store and spraypainted the souls silver. I also bought blue shoelaces for...get this... A PENNY! A PENNY! They were having a sale. XD I'm happy. Those shoes were really uncomfy the first day, so I've learned to wear two pairs of socks with the boots.