Final Fantasy III



I wanted to make another costume for Sakura Con and after I got the game for my DS I saw her and knew I could make that costume in the amount of time that I had.

The sleeves weren't right and I didn't make the clasps for her pockets, also my feet were dying in my boots, only because the day before I had been wearing 3inch stilettos so my feet were dead already, they just hurt more in my boots. I love the wig color, but I thought I looked a bit strange, oh well.

I had to make up the whole thing from scratch and I haven't ever done that before, so it was interesting. This was also the first time I have ever had to make box pleats so they look a little wonky.

I am never wearing this costume again, I look like a freak in that wig &gt;<


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Series Final Fantasy III
Character Refia
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