Shiba Kuukaku


@cold kittn


Well this is the progress of the costume up until the finish. I've had this costume on my to do list since 2007. I started it then and then it became an off and on project lol. I lost 35 pounds in order to wear this costume. This costume has been completed for nearly a year and I just recently gained the confidence to wear it for Anime Next 2009.

I used cotton polyester fabric. The skirt is a wrap skirt held together by a piece of velcro so I'm praying for no wardrobe malfunctions this weekend lol. The wig I bought on ebay. It was some party/punk/mullet wig...idk lol...but I had to cut off pieces and cut the sides to make it resemble her hair. I used athletic tape to make the bandages and paint markers for the tattoo lol.


@cold kittn
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Series Bleach
Character Shiba Kuukaku


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